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Web Map Service (WMS)

The Map Tool of dipul provides the geographical zones according to § 21h section 3 LuftVO for its users to view in the browser. You would like to use the information "behind the Map Tool"? Therefor you can use the "WMS - Web Map Service". This allows you to retrieve sections of the map and integrate them into another application, such as external map tools. Thus, the layers of the geographic areas can be retrieved online and used further. For this purpose, the standardized specifications of the OGC (Open Geopatial Consortium) are used, which enable the users of the WMS to access the raster data of the geographic areas.

To use the service, a request must be made to the service via URL (Internet address). This request needs to consist of standardized parameters, which contain, for example, the map section and the output format. After a correct request, the geo service of the WMS returns the requested data.

Detailed information on the use of dipul's WMS can be found in our WMS manual.

Use the following link for a getCapabilities sample query:

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