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An English version of dipul is now available

The Digital Platform for Unmanned Aviation (dipul) is constantly being evolved and various information and functions are added. To give as many interested parties as possible access to the information on dipul, the service should not only be offered in German but, in addition, also in English. While the Map Tool could be used in German and in English from the beginning, the information and articles on dipul were previously only available in the German language. In collaboration with our internal Language Service Division, an English version of dipul has been created in the past weeks and was published on 1st August 2022. In this way, even more people can use dipul.

Changing from the German to the English version is possible by clicking on the corresponding button in dipul’s header or by using the following link: www.uas-operations.de 

We are looking forward to you visiting our English website.

Screenshot of the dipul start page, highlighted is the button to change the language to english.

Please note: Making dipul available in the English language is an additional service. The German version remains the main and authentic version.

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